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Our website is dedicated to enhance the overall Guam dance community by incorporating Latin dance as an alternative to the mainstream dance genre on Guam.

Our vision is to include all dance communities on Guam and beyond.  We will organize dance show cases from all of the Guam dance companies, social dancers, and international dance champion guests from around the world.  We will also provide workshops to teach the general dance communities the different Latin dances with the expectation that they will discover the joy of Latin dancing.

We will also offer local merchants the opportunity to present the great business products and services that Guam proudly offers.


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Meet the Guam Latin Dance Family

Ms. Apaul – General Manager

Event Coordinator and founder of the Guam Entertainment Society.


Mr. Daniel – Technical Director

Assistant Coordinator, Webmaster, Computer Graphics, Video Editor, Music Editor, Problem Solver, Handy Man and Salsa & Bachata teacher.  You need something done? Yea, I’m the guy!

 Mr. Tony – Dance Instructor & Performer

Tony started dancing 5 years ago as a student at Arthur Murray. Over the years he enhanced his dance skills through his training from some of the best coaches in the industry. After seeing how dancing enhanced so many lives, he decided to join the team of professional instructors. 5 years later, he bring his skills to teach Salsa, Mambo, Samba, Brazilian Samba, Hustle (Filipino Swing), Merengue, and a myriad of other Ballroom dancers..

Dr. Abe – Dance Instructor & Performer

Dr. Abe traveled around the world to take training from the most prominent Latin dance instructors available.  His skill were refined during a myriad of Salsa performances he has participated in throughout the past 5 year.

Mr. David and  Mrs. Tomoe Peele – Dance Instructor & Performers

The original Guam Latin Dance pioneer! Mr David Peele Jr. has been a Guam Latin dance performer and instructor since 1992. And he is still performing and teaching today. His performance partner is his wife, Mrs. Tomoe Cooper. Mr. David is a trained teacher and received a certificate from World Salsa Congress Organization from Miami.

Mr. Ogie – Dance Instructor & Performer

Maesto Ogie has been teaching and performing for over 10 years. He traveled to Argentine to receive formal training in Argentine Tango.  He is trained in all Latin and Ballroom dances and has won several professional level competitions.

Ms. Linda – Performer

Salsa & Bachata

 Ms. Stephanie – Performer

Salsa & Bachata

Ms Mary Rose – Performer

Salsa & Bachata

Ms Mai – Performer

Salsa & Bachata


For the past 10 years, Guam dance companies and organizations have grown significantly. The ballroom society events were hosted by local instructors such as Sonny Tolentino’s “Let’s Dance,” David Peele Jr. “Guam Dance”, and Apaul Quilantang’s “University of Guam Dance Organization” and “Guam Entertainment Society.” These businesses and organization promoted dance groups such as Guam Latin Dance Group 2014, UOG Dance Group and Guam Latin Dance 2017. Most of the Guam local dance companies individually promote their concerts.

The Guam Latin Dance pioneer was Mr. David Cooper Peele Jr. He has been a Guam Latin dance performer since 1992 and became a local dance instructor and is still teaching today. His performance partner is his wife, Mrs. Tomoe Cooper. Mr. David is a trained teacher and received a certificate from World Salsa Congress Organization from Miami, Florida.

Around early 2000’s another dance instructor also continued and promoted the ballroom dance programs with the dance studio named, “Let’s Dance.” Mr. Sonny Tolentino promoted ballroom events with different international guest dance instructors around Asia like Philippines and Japan. In 2014, Let’s Dance promoted the Argentine Tango event and workshop with the international Argentine Tango performers and dance instructors from Argentina, Ms. Laila Resk and Leandro Oliver. On November 28 and 29, 2016, Let’s Dance also presented the VIDA Dance Company from Japan. In 2015, Let’s Dance also invited and presented professional and international dancers from Dominican Republic.

From 2013 to 2016 at the University of Guam, Apaul Quilantang promoted the UOG Ballroom Dance Group (BDG) events each end of the semester and brought the dancers to Saipan in 2015 representing Guam. The UOG BDG provided a Salsa Dance Workshop to the Saipan residents.

In 2016, the Guam Entertainment Society was founded by Ms. Quilantang and presented the event and workshop “Yes! You Can Dance!” with the international Latin Dancer and World Champion from Hong-Kong, Ms. Sherman Mosquito. Ms. Sherman Mosquito was sponsored by Dr. Ibrahim Aburizik..

Currently, the Guam Entertainment Society provides ballroom workshop at The Point, Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort every Friday, 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

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